BAYADA 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care in Korea

High-Quality 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Care Keeps You Safe at 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home

BAYADA 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care, a US leader in 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home health care, has partnered with Korea 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care to provide high-quality care services to Korean seniors in the comfort of their 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)homes. With more than 40 years’ experience, BAYADA brings to Korea a wealth of clinical resources and expertise in delivering 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home health care with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

What is 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home care?

9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home care includes any professional support services that allow a person to live safely in their 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home. In-9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home care services can help someone who is aging and needs assistance to live independently; is managing chronic health issues; is recovering from a medical setback; or has special needs or a disability. Professional caregivers such as nurses and 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home care helpers provide short-term or long-term care in the 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home, depending on a person's needs.

BAYADA provides:

  • Nursing services: Experienced RNs can help with recovery from an illness, injury, hospital stay, or surgery. Nurses are focused on helping patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations by teaching them how to manage their condition, respond to symptoms, and prevent a flare-up.
  • Care helper services: Care helpers provide assistance with activities of daily living such as personal care (bathing, dressing, toileting) or housekeeping (light cleaning, laundry), helping seniors stay safe and independent at 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home, while giving their families peace of mind when they are not there.


Since 1975, BAYADA 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care has made patients and families our central focus and believe everyone should be able to receive the care they need in the place they love—9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home. Our company philosophy—The BAYADA Way—unites us in a shared mission of helping people have a safe 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home life and we are dedicated to providing 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home care with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

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