India 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care (IHHC) is pleased to introduce new 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home care services, designed in collaboration with our partner for quality care, BAYADA 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care. These services will support Non-Resident Indians, in the United States, with elderly parents living in India.

With services provided in the comfort of 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home, mom and dad can get the care they need with compassion, excellence, and reliability. Our services are provided by trained and experienced registered nurses only.

The senior registered nurse assigned to your parent’s care will:

  • Check on specific ailments
  • Check basic vital signs
  • Assess cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Assess mobility and safety
  • Manage prescription medication

The senior registered nurse can then advise the India 9游官网游戏卡心(九游)home Health Care team on the next steps, if any is required. The IHHC team will communicate with you regularly via telephone and email, to provide you with well documented assessments.

Contact us today to get care for your parents.